Kobe University Library resume services for graduates from February 13, 2023. [Last updated: Feb. 7]

All library services are not available to visitors (including other university members) for the time being. However, materials held only by Kobe University Libraries can be used. For details, please see “Visiting Kobe University Libraries” below.

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Interlibrary Loan, Reference

Visiting Kobe University Libraries

<Graduates, Undergraduate and graduate students at the Hyogo study center or Himeji satellite space of the Open University of Japan, Members and educators of certificate program of EUIJ>
・You can use our collections for research.
・Seats for self-study are not available.
・Please use the library in 2 hours.
・Before visiting the library, please check the page below and bring the necessary documents for your application. When you come to the information desk to renew your card, please bring book(s) you have borrowed.
For graduates
For the Open University of Japan

*Please see here for usage of the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake Disaster Materials Collection[JPN].

Using the materials in closed stacks at Library for Social Sciences
・Max 5 items at one time
・Reception hours
  weekdays: 9:00-12:00,13:00-16:30
   after 5pm, weekends: Please inquire in advance from here
*Applications for use on Saturdays and Sundays must be made by the preceding Thursday.
It is necessary to apply in advance to use the materials in the closed stacks.

Visiting Library for Medical Sciences
If you are a former employee of Kobe University Hospital, you can enter the Library for Medical Sciences (you cannot borrow materials).

<Visitors (including other university members)>
・Visitors (including other university members) who wish to use materials held only by the Kobe University Library, please apply in advance through your local public library or your own university library.
Please bring a copy of the reply from Kobe University Library with you when you visit.
*Please see here for usage of the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake Disaster Materials Collection[JPN].

Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery

Interlibrary Loan(ILL)allows you to get copies of articles and to borrow books if they are not available from your university library or nearby public library.
Please request this service from the library closest to you instead of contacting us directly.
Our ILL service is supported by the NACSIS-ILL system (Catalog information services provided by National Institute of Informatics). This system ties university libraries in Japan together and cooperates with OCLC and KERIS.
We ask other libraries to apply for ILL via the NACSIS-ILL system. If your library is not, please contact us from this form.

Contact us

Please ask your question at this page.


Please check here for more information about donation.
Donation of Library Material

Job vacancies

Please check here for more information. (Japanese only)
Job vacancies at Kobe University
A summary of the unified exam held by national university corporations in Kinki district