Libraries in Kobe University

Kobe University Library consists of 9 subject libraries and General Library located in Rokkodai, Kusunoki, Myodani and Fukae Campus. General Library and Library for Intercultural Studies use the same place. Each subject library supports study and research of faculties in charge.

Libraries and Supporting schools / departments

General Library
Library for Intercultural Studies
Faculty/Graduate School of Intercultural Studies
Faculty of Global Human Sciences
 -Department of Global Cultures
Institute for Promotion of Higher Education
Library for Social Sciences Faculty/Graduate School of Economics
School/Graduate School of Business Administration
Faculty/Graduate School of Law
Graduate School of International Cooperation Studies
Library for Science and Technology Faculty/Graduate School of Science
Faculty/Graduate School of Engineering
Faculty/Graduate School of Agriculture/Agricultural Science
Graduate School of System Informatics
Graduate School of Science, Technology and Innovation
Administrative Office
Library for Humanities Faculty of Letters, Graduate School of Humanities, Global Education Center
Library for Human Development Sciences Faculty of Human Development
Graduate School of Human Development and Environment
Faculty of Global Human Sciences
 -Department of Human Development and Community
 -Department of Environment and Sustainability
 -Department of Child Education
Library of Research Institute for Economics & Business Administration Research Institute for Economics and Business Administration
Library for Medical Sciences School/Graduate School of Medicine
Kobe University Hospital
Library for Health Sciences School of Medicine Faculty of Health Sciences
Graduate School of Health Sciences
Library for Maritime Sciences Faculty of Ocean Science and Technology
Faculty/Graduate School of Maritime Sciences
Sea Training Course
Kobe Ocean Bottom Exploration Center