Learning Commons is the open space for creative learning.
In group study rooms, you can do study and presentation practice in a group.
AV booth is a separated space to listen and watch AV materials like CD or DVD.

Each library has different rules for use, so please check each library website in detail.

Learning Commons Group Study Rooms AV Booths
General Library / Library for Intercultural Studies Click Click Click
Library for Social Sciences Click Click Click
Library for Science and Technology Click[JPN] Click[JPN] ×
Library for Humanities Click Click
Library for Human Development Sciences Click Click
Library of Research Institute for Economics & Business Administration
Library for Medical Sciences Click[JPN] Click[JPN]
Library for Health Sciences Click[JPN] Click[JPN] Click[JPN]
Library for Maritime Sciences Click Click

For past event information, please check the following link.
Past events in Learning Commons [JPN]

In Kobe University, there are a variety of Learning Commons outside libraries. Please check the following websites.
Kobe University Learning Commons [JPN]