How to Use

You can access Kobe University E-Resources by using any of the following procedure.

  • IP Address Authentication (On-campus service)
    Most of the e-resources and databases licensed by Kobe University Library are available only to users on the on-campus networks.
    With IP address authentication, you can connect to these e-resources automatically when you are on-campus.
    If you are off-campus, you will need to use one of the following options for access.
  • Some of the e-resources and databases are enabled by using GakuNin service.
    The service providers that can be accessed by GakuNin are listed in the following link.
    When you access them, your ID and Password published by Kobe University Information Science and Technology Center are necessary.
    How to use GakuNin [JPN][PDF:403KB]
    GakuNin [JPN]
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN)
    The VPN is the method that allows you to connect to Kobe University’s network from any location.
    VPN [JPN]
  • User ID and Password authentication
    Some databases require a special username and password for authentication.
    find the password on our Passwords list.
    List of Passwords(On-campus service)

For Help

Contact Form
In the inquiry form, please select the destination according to what you are inquiring about.

  • For inquiries about IP address authentication, GakuNin and VPN, please select “Library System”.
  • For inquiries about electronic journals, password authentication and access problems, please select “Electronic journals/Databases”.