There are self-service photocopying facilities at libraries.
If you would like to make copies, please submit Photocopying Form to the information desk after agreeing the copyright rules listed below.

  • Copying is for the purpose of research by the user.
  • The number of pages copied must not exceed half of the work.
  • Papers and other articles published in periodicals can be copied in their entirety as long as the next issue has already been published or three months have passed since the current issue had been published.
  • Only one copy of something can be made per person. I.e., multiple copies are not permitted.
  • Regardless of whether compensation is received or not, copies are not to be re-copied or distributed.

Price List

Photocopying by Private Expense

black-and-white color
Kobe University members 20 yen (per sheet) 60 yen (per sheet)
Others 35 yen (per sheet) 80 yen (per sheet)

*Same price applies to microfilm reader printing & e-journals printing for people on private expenses.
*In the library, there are self-service copy machines (black-and-white. 10 yen per sheet).

Photocopying by Research Fund

Photocopying by research fund is also available. Please ask staff at the information desk.

black-and-white color
12 yen (per sheet) 60 yen (per sheet)