Undergraduate Students
Max # items Period
Undergraduate students (except senior students of maritime) 10 2 weeks
Senior students of maritime 10 1 month
Graduate Students / Faculty & Staff
Max # items Period
Graduate students 20 1 month
Faculty & Staff 20 1 month

*Journals can be borrowed by undergraduate / graduate students, faculty & staff. (1 week / Max # items are included the above / Except for the newest issue)
* Vacation loan periods will be posted in advance on the library website and bulletin board.

Items For Library Use Only

Items below are for in-library use only.
Reference books, newspaper and materials marked with “禁帯出 (in-library use only)” may be borrowed for one day. Please apply to the information desk if you wish to use these items outside the library.

・Rare books
・Question sheets of master’s program entrance examination
・reference books
・deteriorated books
・Audiovisual materials (not arrowed to borrow)
・Browsing room materials marked with “禁帯出 (in-library use only)”