About the Reference Service

・How to use Kobe University Library
・How to search for and obtain library resources
・Information retrieval support for specific matters
・How to search for documents or information for learning / research
Kobe University’s libraries accept questions regarding the above matters from members of Kobe University (students, faculty and staff).
Please feel free to contact us as described below.
Information Retrieval Methods and FAQ[JPN] may also be helpful.

We Will Not Answer the Following Kinds of Question

・Queries that require a lot of time to answer, for example exhaustive surveys.
・Questions that require a high degree of professionalism (e.g., legal consultation, medical consultation).
・Questions regarding personal privacy.
・Requests to conduct surveys or research on your behalf.
・Other questions that are beyond the scope of support provided by the reference service.

For Alumni and Visitors

Our reference service is for members of Kobe University, so please ask your local public library or affiliated library instead.

Submitting Reference Inquiries

Information Desk Consultations

Please ask a librarian directly at the information desk in each library.
*We may answer your question at a later date depending on the situation.

Submitting Inquiries via Web Form

We also accept reference questions through the website. Please fill out and submit one of the following web forms:
*We may contact you to confirm the contents of your query before answering.
If you have a query about ILL (Interlibrary loans), please ask the person in charge of the specific library’s services.
Contact form for reference question
Contact information for each library

Submitting Inquiries via “LibChat”

You can also ask a reference question through the chat on the bottom right of this page.
Reception Time: 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. during weekdays.
*We may answer your question at a later date.
*We may answer your question via a different method.