About Library Account Services (Help)


Photocopy / Interlibrary Loan Request Photocopy request……Article Photocopy Request allows you to obtain photocopies of items from other libraries if they are not owned at your faculty library. ※for a fee
Interlibrary Loan request……Books not available at Kobe University Libraries can be borrowed from libraries of other universities or institutions using the Interlibrary Loan Services. ※for a fee
More information : Photocopy request
More information : Interlibrary Loan request
Application form : Photocopy/Interlibrary Loan Request
Purchase Items We take purchase requests from our undergraduate or graduate students. If we don’t hold necessary items for research, you can suggest them
More information : Purchase Items
Application form : Purchase Items
Extension due dates By clicking the button “Extension”, you can extend materials’ due date. ※This service can’t be used if someone has reserved the item or you have overdue item.
More information : Extension due dates
Check here/Application form : Extension due dates
Room Reservation You can make reservations for group study rooms, etc.
Check here/Application form : Room Reservation

Check Your Status

Loan/Delivery Service / Reservation Your status (Loan/Delivery Service/Reservation) can be checked
Check here : Loan/Delivery Service/Reservation
Photocopy / Interlibrary Loan Request The status (Photocopy/Interlibrary Loan Request) can be checked
Check here : Photocopy/Interlibrary Loan Request


Tags Your own private tag(s) can be added to a library record.
Check here : OPAC
Alert Services Alerts you to the latest books in your specific fields of interest.
Check here : OPAC
Bookmark Your favorite books can be saved as bookmarks.
Check here : OPAC
E-mail Address (register / change / delete) Second e-mail address can be registered in addition to main mail-address issued by ISTC. E-mails from library are sent to registered e-mail address. (Which notice due date, arrival of reserved books and so on.)
The registered address can be changed or deleted.
Check here : E-mail Address (register/change/delete)