KULiP (Kobe University Library Pathfinder) provides material lists for study, methods of information retrieval and how to use library resources.
This guide contains the following contents, and they may be useful for your study and research.

Learning Resources

This section provides lists of learning resources selected by the professors in charge of classes with his/her recommendation comments.
Clicking title of each material, you can check the holding information by OPAC or access to original website.
⇒ Learning Resources

Kobe University Library has purchased and contracted a lot of materials, databases and so on.
This section lists part of them by objects of search.
Each item has a link to its page, and therefore you can check the status of it by OPAC or access to the database smoothly.
⇒ Information Retrieval Methods

Self-study Resources

This section publishes manuals about using method of library, databases and other useful tools for report writing.
All items in this section can be downloaded by PDF file.
⇒ Self-study Resources