This is the service that in Kobe University Library you can browse and photocopy part of National Diet Library Digital Collections which you couldn’t get now. (ex. Out of print)
If you would like to use this service, please read the following details.

Overview of this service

Participating Libraries

General Library / Library for Intercultural Studies, Library for Social Sciences, Library for Humanities, Library for Human Development Sciences

Service Hours

9:00 a.m.- 4:45 p.m. on weekdays

Eligible persons

Kobe University members (Students, Faculty and Staff, Professors Emeritus) / Alumni and Visitors who have Library Card
― In order to use this service, it is necessary for Alumni and Visitors to apply a library card. About the application, please check the link below.
Information for Graduates & Visitors
― Visitors except students of EUIJ Kansai or Open University of Japan can use this service only in General Library / Library for Intercultural Studies

Available materials

You can use materials with the icon “Available with Digitized Contents Transmission Service” in search results list in National Diet Library Digital Collections.
―In National Diet Library Digital Collections, there are 3 types of collections. Each collection has different ways of use. Please check the table below.

Available without login You can use freely both table of contents and fulltext.
Available with Digitized Contents Transmission Service You can use freely only table of contents.
Only with specific PCs (introduced on this page), you can also use fulltext.
* Click here for “Digitized Contents Transmission Service for Individuals”
Available only at the NDL You can use freely only table of contents.
If you need to read fulltext, please apply Photocopy Request.


  • Please show staff Student Card or Library Card at the information desk in participating libraries.
  • You can use this PC until 1 hour later. (If there isn’t any person who would like to use this service after you, you can continue to browse.)
  • It is banned by National Diet Library to download or save the data, and to take a picture of the display.


  • Photocopying of materials is permitted within the legal limits of Copyright Law. The range that can be copied is up to the limit deemed necessary for personal use.
  • If the material you need to photocopy is held in Kobe University Library, please use that instead of this service.
  • Only staff can photocopy this collection. Please make an application by web form on this PC. You can also apply with the paper application form at the information desk.
  • It may take 1 or a few days to hand you photocopies.

Price list(per frame)

Research Fund Private Expense
Private Expense
black-and-white 12 yen 20 yen 35 yen
color 60 yen 60 yen 80 yen


If you have any questions about this service, please ask via contact form below to each participating library.

Contact Us

Digitized Contents Transmission Service for Individuals

This service is provided by the National Diet Library, Japan, (the NDL) as a means of making digitized versions of out-of-print or otherwise difficult-to-obtain materials available to the general public via the Internet from device such as personal computers.
Click here for details on the service and how to use it. For inquiries regarding services, please contact the NDL.