Group Study Rooms

Group Study Room


  • You can’t use these rooms more than 4 hours in a day.

Conditions of Use

  • This is a room for 2 persons or more.
  • The members of a group should belong to Faculty of Human Development or Graduate School of Human Development and Environment.
  • The purpose of using this room should be for presentation, seminar, group study, or research.

Seating capacity

  • 2-10 persons.

How to reserve

  • The representative can make a reservation one week in advance through “Room Reservation” in Library Account or at the service desk.

How to start to use

  • Please come to the service desk with your student ID card. When you reserve the room in advance, please bring the reservation slip.
  • During using group study room, your student ID card is left at the service desk.

Notes for users

  • If you are delayed for more than 30 minutes, your reservation will be cancelled.
  • It is prohibited to eat and drink in the library. Bringing drink in bottles with caps is allowed.
  • It is prohibited to using a mobile phone.
  • Please sustain from bothering others, for example, having a great fuss.

AV Booths

AV Booths
Kobe University members are allowed to use AV booths to listen and watch library AV materials (DVD/CD/VHS). When browsing library AV materials, library staff will provide you with materials and lend you headphones and a remote control. Please apply at the information desk.

Accessible Facilities

・Wheelchair Accessible Carrel Desk (1)
・Desktop Electronic Magnifier (1)
・Microform Reader-Printer (1)


・Optical CD/DVD Drive (1)
・Headphones and Remote Controls for AV Booths (4 sets)
・Headphones for Naxos Music Library (NML)[JPN] (2)