Last updated: 2022.6.29

※From July 1st to August 9th, Learning Commons on the 2nd floor is available for talking and learning in groups. However, please observe the following points.
・Wear a mask inside the library.
・You can move the desks and chairs freely, but please maintain social distancing.
・Please sanitize the desks and chairs before and after using them.

※You can’t use the Media Commons for now.

About Learning Commons

Learning Commons (LC) is the space for creative learning. You can discuss and study in a group, prepare for seminars and make practice for presentations.
The 2nd floor is Learning Commons, and the 3rd floor is Media Commons.

Kobe University Learning Commons Website


You don’t have to reserve this space in advance, you can use here freely. You can talk in Learning Commons, so you need not to hesitate to discuss in a group. When you have difficulty in searching information, please ask staff at Information Desk. It is prohibited to eat in the library. Drinking in bottles with caps is allowed.

2nd floor : Learning Commons

There are many movable desks, chairs and whiteboards. This area is suitable for group study with discussions, and preparation for seminars and presentations.

Equipments: 5 iMacs, 1 printer and 2 large screens
Facilities: movable desks, chairs and whiteboards / whiteboard walls, outlets, Kobe University Wi-Fi and stationaries such as stickies and pens

Learning Commons in General Library
Learning Commons in General Library

3rd floor : Media Commons

There are many iMacs and AV booths. In AV booths, you can watch AV materials such as DVDs and Blue-rays. With various media, you can research and look for information, and organize your ideas.

Equipments: 32 iMacs, 2 printers and 5 AV booths

Media Commons in General Library
Media Commons in General Library

In Media Commons, there are 2 PCs which you can use “Adobe Creative Cloud“. For example, you can use “Adobe Illustrator” and “Adobe Photoshop“.

List of Software
Acrobat Pro DC / Bridge CC / Dreamweaver CC (2015) / Extendscript Toolkit CC / Fireworks CS6 / Illustrator CC (2015) / InCopy CC (2015) / InDesign CC (2015) / Lightroom CC (2015) / Muse CC (2015) / Photoshop CC (2015)

You can check the location of 2 PCs to see the following image.
The location of Adobe Creative Cloud PCs

Portable Devices

You can borrow these devices at Information Desk.
You can use these devices in the library and group study rooms.

  • 10 MacBook Airs
  • 2 iPads
  • 5 projectors
  • 3 laser pointers
  • 2 portable screens
macbook Air and iPad

When you would like to reserve and keep the space or would like to eat and drink freely

In the same building under the library, i.e. on the 1st floor in the Building A, there is another Learning Commons where you can eat and drink freely.
According to this Learning Commons, You can reserve and use for events and seminars.

You can reserve the space at the following page.