There is a variety of rare books, collections, and classics in Kobe University Library.
The following collections are important ones. Please check the webpage of each branch library for details.

Digitize of some rare books is underway, and processed data is published to the Web by Digital Archive.
Please check this page and perform the procedure when you hope to use digitized material from the rare books & special collections.

General Library, Library for Intercultural Studies

・Local Historical Materials in Banshū
・The Ancient Documents of Hiromine Shrine【Digital Archive
・The Jodo-ji Engi【Digital Archive
・Banshū Hizakurige
・Niijima Collection
・Hara Collection
・Ninomiya Collection
・Momose Collection

Library for Social Sciences

・”Summa de Arithmetica Geometria Proportioni et Proportionalita” (Fra Luca Bartolomeo de Pacioli)【Digital Archive (Introduction only)
・Sumida Maritime Materials Collection【Digital Archive
・The document about opening the Kobe Port【Digital Archive
・Murakamis’ Documents【Digital Archive (Japanese, Catalog only)

Library for Humanities

・Kobayashi Collection
・Yukiyama Collection
・Ichikawa Collection
・Inoue Collection

Library for Human Development Sciences

・Ban-yō Mampō Chiebukuro
・Ōnishi Collection
・Local Collection

Library of Research Institute for Economics & Business Administration

・Kobe University United Nations Depository Library (Introduction)
・Newspaper Clippings Collection (Introduction(Japanese))【Digital Archive
・Latin America Collection・Oceania Collection・America Collection (Introduction(Japanese))

Library for Medical Sciences (Top Page)

・Shouda Collection
・Watsuji Collection
・Yokoi Collection
・Saji Collection

Library for Maritime Sciences

・Shibuya Library 【Digital Archive
・Nautical Chart・Nautical Publications
・Ichimura Collection