Library for Humanities Special Collections

Kobayashi Collection
Private collection of Prof. Kobayashi Taichiro(小林 太市郎) on art, philosophy, and literature.

Yukiyama Collection
Private collection of Prof. Yukiyama Toshio(雪山 俊夫) on German studies.

Ichikawa Collection
Private collection of Prof. Ichikawa Shohachiro(市川 承八郎) on Western history.

Inoue Collection
Private collection of Prof. Inoue Shoshichi(井上 庄七) on Western philosophy.


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・To use materials in our special collections, please contact the Library for Humanities in advance.

Japanese Studies Resource Area

Japanese Studies Resource Area offers a vast collection related to Japanese culture. The collection covers the areas of Japanese history, Japanese language and literature. The PCs in this area provide access to databases which enable you to search major reference works on Japanese culture.


  • Kobe Yushin Nippo Digital Data[JPN]
  • Kobeshinbun electronic edition[JPN]
  • National Diet Library Digital Collection[JPN]
  • Historical Recording Collection (REKION) Streaming Service to libraries[JPN]