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Open Access Policy


Register and publish

Q. What is the merit of opening digital resources through the Kernel?

A. Easier access to the Internet may increase the frequency of referrals to your paper. The Kernel may lighten your task of keeping digital files.

Q. What kind of file format can I send to the Kernel?

A. Any kind of file format is OK. We will convert it into a PDF file and open it on Kernel.

Q. My paper consists of a mixture of files (text file and picture file). Can I send these multiple files to the Kernel?

A. Yes. We will convert these files into one PDF file for viewing on the Internet. Please specify the order of the files.

Q. Is it possible to send movie files to the Kernel?

A. Yes. Movie files can be deposited on Kernel. Feel free to contact us about distribution of multimedia files as well.

Q. Can I register a book or a book chapter with the Kernel?

A. If the publisher permits it, you can register them with the Kernel.

Q. I received a registration request e-mail from the library. What is the criteria to send these e-mails?

A. We send request e-mail in the case below:

  • An article is registered on the Web of Science, its corresponding author belongs to Kobe University, the publisher permits to register it with Institutional Repository and it is not open access.
  • An article is registered on the KUID, its corresponding author belongs to Kobe University, the publisher permits to register it with Institutional Repository and it is not open access.
  • An article is covered on the Research at Kobe and it is not open access.


Q. Who owns the copyright of journal articles?

A. Though the copyright belongs to the author basically, it varies if the paper is submitted to or accepted by academic journals. In those cases, there is a need to ask publishers or learned societies to confirm. Please ask your supervisor for the details.

Q. Is the copyright transferred when the paper is deposited in the Kernel?

A. No.The copyright is not transferred to anyone by depositing the paper.

Q. I have transferred the copyright of my article to publisher. Is it safe to register my article with the Kernel?

A. Before you register your article with the Kernel, you should confirm about publisher’s agreement. If publisher permits register an article with the Institutional Repository, you should confirm about permitted version(e.g., Version of Record, Accepted Manuscript) of article too.
You can confirm about these things by using the following databases.

If an article was written by multiple authors, you should get agreement on register with the Kernel from all co-authors.

Q. What is an author accepted manuscript?

A. Most overseas publishers don’t allow to deposit PDFs appearing in E-journals or scanned copies of journals in repositories. However, lots of publishers allow to deposit author accepted manuscripts in repositories. An author accepted manuscript is a final version of manuscript which was sent to a publisher and accepted (see image below).
Journal Article Flow

Q. I do not have accepted manuscript because my article has not been peer-reviewed. What version of article can I register with the Kernel?

A. The version that can be registered with Institutional Repository is different by each publisher’s agreement. The library searches for the agreement if you report to the library about information of the article.
You can confirm about publisher’s agreement by using the following databases.

Q. I found misspelling in my accepted manuscript. Can I register it with the Kernel after correcting mistakes.

A. You can register corrected manuscript with the Kernel if it does not violate publisher’s agreement and it is only a few correction. If the correction is based on publisher’s copyediting, you may not register it with the Kernel. You can also attach an errata.

Q. What should I do when I reprint images or charts of other papers in my paper?

A. Please reprint or cite properly as stated in the copyright law and academic rules. Otherwise, it is required to obtain permission from copyright holders.

Open Access Policy

Q. Who falls into “Faculty Members” defined by the Open Access Policy?

A. “Faculty Members” means Kobe University Members whose position on the KUID appropriate below.
President, Director, Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor, Research Assistant ⇒ Details
*Kobe University members other than above can also resister their research results with the Kernel.

Q. Which type of research results does the Open Access Policy cover?

A. The Open Access Policy covers “scholarly information as represented by scholarly articles authored or co-authored by Faculty Members and published in scholarly journals of commercial publishers, academic societies or university departments” published after February 1st 2017. ⇒ Details
*You can also register research results other than above.

Q. What will be changed by the Open Access Policy?

A. The Open Access Policy strongly recommends Faculty Members to register and open to public their research results.

Q. What should I do for the Open Access Policy?

Kobe University Library send register request e-mails to you (⇒ Details). Please cooperate the following things.

Q. Should I report to the library about an article published in an Open Access Journal?

A. In case that an article was published on an open access journal and its publisher permits to register it with Institutional Repository, the library registers it with Kernel and report to you.

Q. Can I ask the library to register all my articles listed on KUID?

A. Yes.

Q. Does the Open Access Policy also target past research results? Should I send them to the library if the library does not check past research results listed on KUID?

A. The Open Access Policy does not target research results that were written before February 1st 2017, however, we appreciate if you report to us about them due to ascent of presence of the University. We will not check past research results on KUID, so please send us an e-mail about them.