What is Institutional Repository?

What is Institutional Repository?

Institutional Repository is an international standard system to store digital resources and provide them on the Internet.This system will provide researchers with an efficiently way to disclose their academic activities to the public.
It is now possible to use a retrieval website that thoroughly collects all information of the institutional repositories. This information site is intended to make academic activities of Kobe University researchers more widely known to the world.

What does “Kernel” mean?

The Kobe University Repository’s name is Kernel. We named as this hoping this repository to be the “kernel”, the core of the Kobe University academic research as it means.
The aim is to further publicize Kobe Universities researchers by opening up the digital resources within Kobe University Repository Kernel, and providing information to the retrieval website like OAIster and IRDB.

Contents of Kernel

Various types of documentation including academic papers which have appeared in journals and bulletins, doctoral theses, books, research reports, databases and teaching materials created by faculty members and doctoral course students of Kobe University.

Terms of Usage

  • Copyright laws protect all materials deposited on Kernel.
  • Materials can only be used within copyright laws.
  • Please follow the terms of use for the contents (texts and abstracts) if stated.
  • The Metadata (except abstracts) deposited on Kernel can be used without application.
  • Please do not use the contents (texts and abstracts) and metadata for any illegal or immoral purpose.
  • Kobe University shall not be held liable for any loss caused by the use of Kernel.