How to Deposit

Doctoral Theses

Please see “Doctoral Theses” for details.

Journal Articles Published After February 2017

Journal Articles Published After February 2017 are applied “Kobe University Open Access Policy”. Please see “Kobe University Open Access Policy” for details.

Other Research Outputs

Please fill out the registration form below and send Digital Library Section with research outputs you would like to register with Institutional Repository.
Library staff check if the publishers permit to deposit the manuscripts and make them freely available, and proceed only with the items permitted.

Registration Form: Word (19.2KB) / PDF (84KB)
Digital Library Section: Contact Form [JPN]

Who May Register?

  • Kobe University staff and former staff
  • Graduate students and research students
  • Those who were admitted by the chief librarian of Kobe University

Kinds of Material That Can Be Registered

  • Papers that have been published in journals
  • Papers that have been published in university bulletins
  • Doctoral theses
  • Books
  • Research reports
  • Research reports of “Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research” (final report)
  • Data
  • Teaching materials
  • Software
  • Education and research materials


  • Any kind of file (Microsoft Word, JustSystem Ichitaro, Adobe PDF etc.) is sufficient. Moreover, it is permissible to divide the file into several smaller files.
  • Many of publishers prohibit authors to deposit articles that published on journals (VoR) in Institutional Repository, therefore we may ask you to upload the final draft.
  • In the case of a collaborative work, obtain the consent of all who collaborated in advance.

E-mail notification of access count

We send an e-mail monthly to notify the access count for the each author’s items in the previous month.
Please contact us if you hope to try this service.
*This service is only for Kobe University Researchers.


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Tel 078-803-7333 Fax 078-803-7336
Contact Form [JPN]

Please see also “FAQ for Kobe University Repository Kernel“.