Doctoral Theses

For Doctoral Degree Recipients Granted after April 2013

Due to the Degree Regulations update, it is required to publish doctoral theses granted after April 2013 on the internet. Doctoral theses granted by Kobe University are made available on the internet through Kernel, Kobe University Repository.

Instructional materials

Instructions for Open Access: Obligation of disseminating your doctoral thesis on the Internet (2019.9) (PDF 619KB)

Version to be Posted

  • Please ask each department about the procedure of submitting a doctoral thesis, including the case when you would like to postpone of (or refrain from) publishing the thesis due to the reasons like planning publication in academic journals or acquisition of patent.
  • It is not permitted to publish the versions of thesis manuscripts which are not granted as doctoral theses in Kernel.
  • If the published version of an academic paper is granted and the publisher doesn’t permit to make it available in a repository, please take a designated procedure and submit an abstract instead of theses themselves.


  • Please do not use machine dependent format.
  • Please do not refer any other sources as non-standard fonts.
  • Please refrain from using secret codes, passwords, and copy protection.

※PDF file type “PDF/A (ISO-19005)” is recommended by National Diet Library.


Q. Who owns the copyright of doctoral theses?

A. Though the copyright belongs to the author basically, it varies if the paper is submitted to or accepted by academic journals. In those cases, there is a need to ask publishers or learned societies to confirm. Please ask your supervisor for the details.

Q. Is the copyright transferred when the paper is deposited in the repository?

A. The copyright is not transferred to anyone by depositing the paper.

Q. What should I do when I (plan to) submit the paper to academic journals?

A. Please ask the publishers of the journals you submit the paper if it is permitted to deposit the paper into a repository and make it available.

* Websites to check each journals’ policy
   ●Japanese learned societies: SCPJ
   ●Worldwide publishers: SHERPA/ROMEO

Q. What is an author accepted manuscript?

A. Most overseas publishers don’t permit to deposit PDFs appearing in E-journals or scanned copies of journals in repositories. However, lots of publishes permit to deposit author accepted manuscripts in repositories. An author accepted manuscript is a final version of manuscript which was sent to a publisher and accepted.

Q. What should I do when I reprint images or charts of other papers in my paper?

A. Please reprint or cite properly as stated in the copyright law. Otherwise, it is required to obtain permission from copyright holders.

For Doctoral Degree Recipients Granted before March 2013

Kobe University Repository is preserving and disseminating our faculties’ research outputs, and we focus on doctoral theses as important contents of these outputs.
Please send the form below to us if you permit to deposit your doctoral thesis in our repository.

【Form for Doctoral theses】

[PDF 193KB]
[Word 31.8KB][sample(PDF)342KB]

  • Grant IDs can be searched on Kernel.
  • If the thesis (will) include(s) an academic paper, it depends on each journal’s policy whether it is permitted to deposit the manuscript in a repository.
  • Please be aware if the thesis include information related to patents.
  • Please feel free to contact us.

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