The Library for Social Sciences is the biggest and oldest library in Kobe University. It serves the Graduate Schools of Law, Economics, Business Administration, International Cooperation Studies, and their corresponding faculties.

The Library for Social Sciences consists of the Main Building founded in 1933, Stack Buildings and Administration Building. Later a part of Frontier Building founded in 2004 (B2F-2F) was integrated.

The Main Building was designated as a registered tangible cultural property in 2003. The Library for Social Sciences has a high reputation for materials specializing in social sciences, including a collection inherited from the old Kobe Higher Commercial School.

The Library for Social Sciences was also designated a National Center for Overseas Periodicals (NCOP) for literature and social science in 1986. We endeavor to collect rare journals in those fields.
About the NCOP(link)

The Earthquake Disaster Materials Collection (EDMC) which collects materials about the Great Hanshin Awaji Earthquake Disaster in 1995 is also installed in this library. You can search the EDMC by online catalog, and some pictures and movies can be seen on the Internet.
The Earthquake Disaster Materials Collection(link)

Supporting faculty

Graduate School / Faculty of Economics
School / Graduate School of Business Administration
Graduate School / Faculty of Law
Graduate School of International Cooperation Studies