Kobe University members can visit other university libraries for research. We issue a letter of introduction to the relevant library after confirming availability and conditions of use of the material. Please make the application form and send it to your faculty library.

Cautions when applying

  • Since it might take a few days to receive a reply, application should be made 3 days earlier than the planned date of your visit.
  • Without a prior confirmation or introduction letter, you might not enter the library nor use the material, for the material might be checked out.
    Please confirm the availability and conditions of use of the material before you visit other libraries, so as not to make trouble for the relevant library
    (Please ask us in advance to avoid any trouble).
  • Or, it may be a good idea to use Photocopy request / ILL service other than visiting.
  • In case you get a letter of introduction as PDF, make sure to print it and bring it in.


  1. Fill the form below.
  2. We will send you an e-mail after confirming the availability.

Application form

    * required

    ■Your information

    ■Where and when you visit

    You have to submit multiple forms if you visit more than 2 libraries.


    Check the opening hours of the library in advance.
    Select the date more than 3 days after applying.
    If you stay more than 2 days, write your schedule below(ex yyyy-mm-dd, yyyy-mm-dd ~ yyyy-mm-dd).

    ■What you need
    ○material 1

    ○material 2

    ○material 3

    ■Communication memo
    If you need more than 4 materials, fill them here.

    In case you don’t get the auto reply after submitting, confirm your e-mail address and try again.