Newspaper articles can be searched for by using newspaper databases. Kobe University Library has subscribed not only databases but also paper edition
Please also refer to the following link regarding where are newspaper located in.

Newspaper Databases

You can search for newspaper articles by keywords and read full-text by using newspaper databases.
Some databases provide their own unique services.

Name・Link Description Note
Maisaku: Mainichi Shinbun Online Database This database provides all articles published from 1st issue (1872) to latest issue. On-campus access only
Yomidasu Rekishikan: Yomiuri Online You can search for and read articles published from 1st issue (1874) to latest issue. This also provides articles of “The Daily Yomiuri” and “The Japan News” published from 1989. On-campus access only
Asahi Shinbun Cross-Search This database provides all articles and advertisements published on “Asahi Shinbun” from 1st issue (1879) , regional articles (except Okinawa) and articles published on magazines (『週刊朝日』&『AERA』). On-campus access only
NIkkei Telecom Articles published on 4 Nikkei newspapers can be searched. You can also search for information on Japanese companies and their executives. On-campus access only
Academic OneFile In addition to articles of ”The Times” & ”The New York Times”, the Podcast of CNN & BBC, and articles of over 7,000 journals are provided. On-campus access only
Lexis “Lexis Advance” is a database for online legal research. It provides legal information, patent information, newspaper articles written by English or other languages, and manuscripts of news. You need to register before use. On-campus access only
Newspaper Clippings Collection “Newspaper Clippings Collection” is the newspaper article clippings that collected from end of the Meiji era (around 1910) to 1970. This database provides digitized them.
The University of Tokyo Meiji Sinbun Zasshi Bunko You can search for newspaper / magazine articles held in the Center for Modern Japanese Legal and Political Documents at the University of Tokyo Graduate School for Law and Politics / Faculty of Law.

Search for Location of Newspapers

Some newspapers are not exposed on the web. In this case, you should search a library catalog for printed editions.

Name・Link Description Note
OPAC: Kobe University Library Catalog When you search for newspapers, please select “Journals” on the “Advanced Search” screen.
CiNii Books You can search for newspapers held by university libraries in Japan.
NDL Search By selecting “Newspaper”, “the NDL Newspaper Database” is searched.