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About APC

Article Processing Charge (APC) refers to the charge by authors to make their articles open access in some journals.
Discounts may be applied to the charge depending on the subscription status of the relevant journal. Please see below for details.
Also, please cooperate in APC survey in order to consider the contract plan.

APC Discounts (As of March 2023)

Springer Nature

Kobe University has participated a pilot project with Springer Nature for advancing Open Access(OA) publishing and entered into the agreement that covers e-journal subscription and APC.
This agreement enables corresponding authors affiliated with Kobe University to publish OA papers at lower cost in Springer Nature’s hybrid OA journals (that give you the option to publish OA).
Please see below for details.
(Update on Mar.31 2023)オープンアクセス(OA)出版の取扱い(Springer Nature)[JPN] (On-campus)
Springer Nature Website – Pilot Transformative Agreement for Japan: Information for authors
Stories from users of our publication support service [JPN]

Other publishers

Due to the subscription status of Kobe University, members (faculty members / students) of Kobe university can receive APC discounts in the following journals.
Please check the website of each publisher for details.
There are also some academic societies and associations that give discounts to their individual members, so please check it as well.

Publisher Journal Website Notes
American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) “Science Advances” Licensing and charges Member of kobe university can get APC discounts.
You can apply for a discount by clicking “APPLY DISCOUNTS” on the APC payment page.
American Chemical Society(ACS) All journals Open Access Pricing Kobe University falls under “Subscribing Institutions” and discounts are applied.
BioScientifica “European journal of endocrinology” Discounts will no longer apply from 2023 due to publisher transfer.
National Academy of Sciences “Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS)” Publication Charge Kobe University falls under “institutions with current-year site licenses” and discounts are applied.
Rockefeller University Press Journal of Cell Biology
Journal of Experimental Medicine
Journal of General Physiology
Read & Publish Guide[PDF:530 KB]
See also
論文投稿ガイドライン(責任著者用)(2023年3月改訂)[JPN][PDF:452 KB](On-campus)
Member of kobe university can get APC waivers. (From 2023.1-)
SCOAP3 Journals covered by SCOAP3 (2020-2022) SPARC JAPAN
APC is not required for articles in the field of High Energy Physics (HEP) in the journals on the list.

APC Survey

In order to consider an electronic journal contract plan that suits the actual situation of the university, it is necessary to understand the APC payment status. Therefore, when paying for APC, please cooperate as follows.
“Request notification [JPN]”[PDF:154 KB] (On-campus)