Materials displayed as “SciTech Lib : Laboratory” on OPAC are located in laboratories. These are books which professors purchased for their own research using their own research funds, so as a rule others cannot use them.

Only for members of Kobe University, we can ask the professor whether he/she is willing to loan the book.
Please apply from application form the Information Service Section for Science and Technology.
However, despite an application you make, you may not be allowed for use.

Or you can also use the Student Purchase Request service. The library will consider to purchase it.
If you are looking for Japanese books, public libraries may hold them.
Please search the nearby public libraries listed below.


As a rule, we do not ask professors, even if you are a member of Kobe University.
If you have special circumstances to be considered, ask at the circulation counter or contact us.

Materials in the Graduate School Reference Room (Books/Journals)

Laboratory books include materials maintained by individual faculty members and the Graduate Reference Room collection. Only students belonging to the respective majors and departments can directly use the respective graduate reference rooms. For all others, please apply at the library counter or contact us. Laboratory books are not available for visitors who are not affiliated with Kobe University.