General Library / Library for Intercultural Studies is the library mainly serving for students who are taking Liberal Education classes and members of the Faculty/Graduate School of Intercultural Studies & Institute for Promotion of Higher Education. This library is descended from Library for Department of Liberal Education (later library for Intercultural Studies & Liberal Education). Transforming into National University Corporation in 2004, Library for Intercultural Studies & Liberal Education was reorganized into 2 libraries in function: “General Library” has learning support function for Liberal Education. “Library for Intercultural Studies” has education & research support function for Faculty/Graduate School of Intercultural Studies.

In order to enhance learning support function, the library has made renovation as follows:

2005 FY: opening Group Study Rooms, renovating part of Open Shelf, increasing PCs
2015 FY: opening Leaning Commons

On the other hand, from Oct 2004, the library started to lend books to the public for the purpose of a social contribution.

Supporting Department

Faculty/Graduate School of Intercultural Studies
Department of Global Cultures, Faculty of Global Human Sciences
Institute for Promotion of Higher Education