When you search for academic articles, you should use appropriate databases, search tools and reference book.
Journals held in Kobe University Library are searched for by using OPAC. Full-text of some articles is available on the web.
If you cannnot get articels you want in Kobe University, please apply photocopy request service.

Search Journal Articles

You can search for articles from every fields by using the following databases / search tools.

Name・Link Description Note
Discovery Service By using “Discovery Service”, you can search for various kinds of resources such as books, journal articles, and dissertations.
WorldCat “World Cat” is the largest bibliographic database in the world. You can search for various kinds of resources that held in world libraries by using this database.
Web of Science Core Collection “Web of Science” is a database to search for articles published in international high quality journals. On-Campus access only
ScienceDirect “ScienceDirect” provides articles published in e-journals. You can read their full-text except a part of them. On-Campus access only
Readers’ Guide to Periodical Literature This database provides information on abstracts of periodicals published in the United States and Canada from 1983. Some of articles have their full-text available online. On-Campus access only
Google Scholar Google’s search engine specilized to search for academic information. Some articles have links to full-text./td>

CiNii Research “CiNii Research” is a search tools to search for articles published in periodicals issued in Japan.
J-STAGE “J-STAGE” is an electronic journal platform. You can search for and read articles many articles for free.
ざっさくプラス A database for Japanese periodicals from Meiji era to the Present. On-Campus access only
NDL Online (Articles) You can search for only journal articles by selecting “Articles” on the “Advanced Search” screen.
大宅壮一文庫雑誌記事索引総目録 This catalog provides magazine article information. Each content can be searched for by personal names or unique subjects. There is also a CD-ROM Edition. Printed material

Doctoral Dissertations

In order to search for dissertations, you should use specialized databases on them.

Name・Link Description Note
Kernel: Kobe University Repository Kernel provides academic fruits produced in Kobe University. When the dissertation’s full-text you want is not published on this website, please inquire of Information Service Section for Social Sciences
CiNii Dissertations With “CiNii Dissetations”, you can search for doctoral dissertations written in universities / institutions in Japan.
日本博士録 By these books, you can get information on peaple who received doctoral degree from 1888 (e.g., name, alma mater, main works and doctoral dissertation). Printed material
NDL Online You can search for Japanese doctoral dissertations (from 1923) and some European & Amerifan doctoral dissertation that are shelved in the National Diet Library. When you search for doctoral dissertations, please select “Doctoral Dissertaions” on the “Advanced Search” screen.
IRDB: Institutional Repositories Database With “IRDB”, you can cross search Institutional Repositories in Japan for academic information (e.g., journal articles, dissertations and research paper).
Open Access Theses and Dissertations With this database, you can search for open access dissertations.
Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations (NDLTD) NDLTD is an international network for electronic theses and dissertations (ETDs).
This also provides “Global ETD Search” which is a searching portal for ETDs of universities located in every part of the world.
The British Library The website of the British Library, the national library of the United Kingdom. There is a link to the catalogue where you can search the collection, and theses are also included in the search.

Reference Management Tools

You can manage references and make reference lists smoothly by using reference management tools like below.

Name・Link Description Note
EndNote basic With “EndNote basic”, you can import references from databases, make a reference list and share references with associates. You have to register via on-campus network before your first use. On-campus access only
Mendeley “Mendeley” is a free reference management tool. “Mendeley” makes a article information automatically when you drag a PDF file / folder into it.
Zotero “Zotero” is a free reference management tool. You can import a article / website on the Web to the “Zotero” by only 1 click.