Newspaper Clippings Collection

“Newspaper Clippings Collection” is the newspaper-clippings data from the end of Meiji to Showa 45 it was created by Research Institute for Economics and Business Administration. scrapbooks hard collected over 60 years or more has a huge quantity of about 500,000 affairs, if it is made into about 3200 volumes and the number of reports.
Since 30 June 2000, we have been uploading the fulltext in Electronic Newspaper Clippings Collection.

Therefore, this clause is described in the following reference.
山本泰督「神戸大学経済経営研究所 新聞切抜文庫(上・下)」(『同朋』96-97号, 1986.6-7)

Creation and history

“Kobe Higher Commercial School”, which is one of the predecessors of Kobe University was founded in Meiji 35 (1902) year, and ten years later, in Meiji 45 (1912) year the “Research and Planning Department” which is an economic research institute was prepared within the campus by advocacy of Professor Yuzo Sakanishi.The enterprise is clipping of the newspaper article centering on commercial economy with collection of many corporate accounts of business or statistics data etc., The enterprise which considers Professor Sakanishi as the chief editor started.According to the chronological list of the digital version exhibited this time,it seems that the report starts late in Meiji 44 (1911) year, and is increasing rapidly from the middle of following Meiji 45 (Taisho first year).
Then, when “Commercial Research Institute” was established in Taisho 8 (1919) year, the management of the investigation enterprise containing newspaper clipping was transferred to it.It seems that clipping enterprise was expanded increasingly, and it became by the time the collected paper which was 26 at the beginning also exceeded 50 temporarily.In work, most important part called selection and classification of a clipping report was consistently done by the instructor.

It went into Showa, difficulty was overcome also at the time of Sino-Japanese War and the Second World War, and the enterprise was maintained.
Even if the postwar period came, the enterprise was inherited by Research Institute for Economics and Business Administration established in Kobe University, and from Showa 27, the scale was reduced a little and it was resumed.After about 20 years of enterprise continuation,in consideration of situations, such as pocket edition issue of main papers, it also finished Showa 45.

The special feature and meaning

Special features of “Newspaper Article” are “continuity, comprehensibility”, “the selection and the classification by the specialist”, and “the numerousness of the papers for contain”.

continuity, comprehensibility

“Newspaper Clippings Collection” has been further accumulated hard for about 25 years of the postwar period for about 35 years of prewar days. Moreover, the collect field is various. The main is management and economy, and society, political diplomacy, legislation and education etc. is collected (→Classification Table).It is said that it was only Kobe Higher Commercial School, Kobe Commercial University and Manchuria Railroad Research and Planning Department that were undertaking the major clipping enterprise especially prewar days.

The selection and the classification by the specialist

As stated above, It is also the big feature that selection and a classification of the report were performed with the viewpoint of a special researcher.
In the Classification Table, the large item of 28 is further divided into about 200 item, and it is possible to peruse the report of a specific field collectively.

Numerousness of the collected papers

Quite obvious in the list according to newspaper, collected papers are very various.There are most the main papers of Osaka (“Osaka Asahi” “Osaka Mainichi” “Osaka Jiji”) and an economic paper (“Chugai Shogyo Shinpo”),but also other papers of Tokyo and Osaka,papers of local Kobe (“Kobe” “Kobe Matashin”), moreover, main local papers (“Shin Aichi” “Fukuoka Nichinichi”etc.),and the old colony and oversea papers (“Taiwan Nichinichi” “Manshu Nichinichi” “Keijo Nippo”etc.).And the report of a local edition is also collected not a little.
It is also important to collect two or more reports rather than to collect one report typical about the same incident.

The position occupied in data about newspaper

Many newspaper publishing companies have published the pocket edition after the war, and the full-text search of a report has been able to do simply by database-ization further in recent years. There are some which can carry out package reference of two or more papers like “Nikkei Telecom”.
However, it is not easy to collect the newspaper articles of prewar days. Still, about the space itself, reprinted edition and micro version (electronic version also recently) based on many organizations’ possession stencil paper is also published and are quite convenient,but there is only survey in investigating the report of a specific field.

There is the following in the data which collected the newspaper article of prewar days broadly.

  • 「明治ニュース事典」「大正ニュース事典」「昭和ニュース事典」(毎日コミュニケーションズ)
  • 「新聞集成明治編年史」「新聞集成大正編年史」「新聞集成昭和編年史」(「明治」は財政経済学会、「大正」「昭和」は明治大正昭和新聞研究会)
  • 「新聞集録大正史」(大正出版)

These heve also quite much paper for collection and useful to each.However, there are restrictions of booklet object issue, and if it says which they are, typical reports which tell the aspect of a time will be collected. They are not enough for the use of investigating the report of a specific field comprehensively.
From the above thing, it is said that at the present when the data of the Manchuria railroad Research and Planning Department have been lost “Newspaper Article” is the precious collection without a substitute.

Present of “Newspaper Clippings Collection”

“Newspaper Article” is managed by Research Institute for Economics and Business Administration library.
The clipping report is stuck on exclusive pasteboard, if the pasteboard accumulates a fixed grade, a book is collectively given and bound with the table of contents. “Scrapbooks” for which books were bound amounted to 3000 or more volumes, as stated first, and they occupy the library 1 room of a research institute.
Although stuck on pasteboard, the newspaper itself is acid paper and it is difficult to avoid degradation. For this reason, microfilm-ization of all clipping files was performed in the Showa 40s, and the microfilm of about 650 volumes is kept with the original now.
Since it is data without a similar case, although there is use from the large range of national (the time overseas), use is fundamentally presented with the microfilm for preservation.

“Newspaper Article data collection”

The reproduction publication enterprise of a newspaper article library was started at the Kobe University Research Institute of Economics and Business Administration in the Showa 40s. It’s the serious-affair business that about 2500 scrapbooks for prewar days will be published as phototype “Newspaper Article data collection” of a total of 350 volumes according to a classification, “a company and management section” were first published from the Oharashinseisha in Showa 48.
However, although the publication enterprise did not progress as planned from various situations but “a company and management section”, “trade section”, “labor section”, and “social editing” were published one by one, finally it was obliged to discontinuation as 54 volumes in Showa 63.