The circle of commerce : or the ballance of trade, in defence of free trade : opposed to Malynes little fish and his great whale, and poized against them in the scale. Wherein also, exchanges in generall are considered and therein the whole trade of this Kingdome with forraine countries, is digested into a ballance of trade, for the benefite of the publique; necessary for the present and future times

The circle of commerce
1623. Misselden, Edward?
This book is the answer to the above-mentioned work of Malynes. Author Misselden not only refuted the theory of the foreign exchange of Malynes, but pointed out the profits of golden export based on a trade balance theory and protected the East India Company. It is because he came to have a special relation with the East India Company that the author who once had made export of the gold by the East India Company the cause of a trade decline changed in this way. It is notable as an example of controversialists’ arguments of those days which were often changed according to an individual status. It can be said that both Misselden’s documents are rare ones as old edition books on economics.
(Library for Humanities and Social Sciences(5-3-1833) a registration number 38368 1928.4.19 receiving)
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