The treasure of traffike : or a discourse of forraigne trade. Wherein is shewed the benefit and commoditie arising to a common-wealth of Kingdome by the skilfull merchant, and by a well ordered commerce and regular traffike. Dedicated to the high court of parlament now assembled

The treasure of traffike
1641. Roberts, Lewes
The author who was the member of the East India Company and the Levant company wrote this book to explain a commercial function and advocate practical method for developing it, for example, free export of gold and silver, reduction of custom duties and exclusion of monopoly and individual patent right. He accepted the need of the national control to commerce, therefore protected the trade company which had the restrictions of area rather than each trader as a commercial organization form.
(Library for Humanities and Social Sciences(5-3-1853) a registration number 38412 1928.4.19 receiving)
references : Minami, Yuzo “Kohan Keizaisho Kanken” (Kobe Shodai Shinbun 1935.3.20)