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There have been produced various materials and references about catastrophic damage, rescue, recovery, and so forth about the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake since right after the January 17 of 1995. The number of paper publication is becoming tremendous including published books, miscellany, resume, and advertising catalog. Moreover, the number is expected to increase drastically in the future.
Kobe University library decided to disclose “the Earthquake Disaster Materials Collection (EDMC)” today as the obligation and responsibility of the library on the area devastated by Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake.
We intend to collect all of the materials about the earthquake disaster as many as possible, and provide widely to all of you in the world including the area devastated so that you could help emergency restoration, earthquake research, and disaster-prevention measures. We also save these materials as the irreplaceable records, and hand down certainly for future generations.
Thanks for all that people all over the world understand and support the whole idea of this “Library”, and that we can collect many precious materials, we would like to express deep appreciation again at the disclosure of this library.
In addition, we are trying to keep collecting materials, and to make efforts to furnish the “Library”. Therefore, we would like you to continue your further support.

EDMC keeps various materials filled with thousands of thought about the earthquake disaster. We are looking forward to your visit.

October 30th, 1995
Kobe University library

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The Collection is on the third floor of the Library for Social Sciences, Kobe University Library.
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