The defence of trade : in a letter to Sir Thomas Smith Knight, Governour of the East-India Companie, etc. From one of that societie

The defence of trade
1615. Digge, Dudley?
Although people blamed to The East India Company severely at that time, the author who was a director of this company wrote this book to refute it. He answered to the theory which attacked The East India Company on the grounds of a risk of the trade, an increase in vessels and mariners’ damages, a reduction in maritime rights as a result, and so on. In addition, he pointed out that the amount of export of the fabrics from Britain increased by East India trade after establishment of this company, and that national profits of Britain was produced because the price of spices and other India goods fell off.
(Library for Humanities and Social Sciences(5-3-1830))
references : Minami, Yuzo “Kohan Keizaisho Kanken” (Kobe Shodai Shinbun 1935.3.20)