User Guide about Entering with your smartphone (Library barcode for entrance gate)

User Guide

How to use

  1. Access Entering with your smartphone.
  2. Please login with Login ID and password of your account issued by Information Science and Technology Center [JPN].
  3. Hold your barcode over the glass of the entrance gate.

Range of use

This barcode is only for library entrance gates excluding the Library for Medical Sciences and Library of Research Institute for Economics & Business.
※This barcode is not available at Library for the Medical Sciences.
※You need a library card (student card) to borrow books.
※Always carry a library card (student card) with you when using the library.


No one but you can use your library barcode. The following, regardless of willful negligence or not, is prohibited and will be strictly dealt with, including suspension of using the library.

  • Don’t use another person’s barcode.
  • It is prohibited to let others use your barcode regardless of the method.
  • Please do not use it for purposes other than entering the library.


  • Be careful not to hit your smartphone hard at the entrance gate. We are not responsible for any damages caused by using this function.
  • Please use it with a bright screen. If the screen brightness is low, it may not load properly.
  • It helps to turn off automatic screen rotation so that the entire barcode can be read.