All library service is not available for graduates & visitors for the time being.[Last updated on Nov. 20]
If you want to return materials, please contact the holding library at this page.

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Interlibrary Loan, Reference

Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery

Interlibrary Loan(ILL)allows you to get copies of articles and to borrow books if they are not available from your university library or nearby public library.
Please request this service from the library closest to you instead of contacting us directly.
Our ILL service is supported by the NACSIS-ILL system (Catalog information services provided by National Institute of Informatics). This system ties university libraries in Japan together and cooperates with OCLC and KERIS.
We ask other libraries to apply for ILL via the NACSIS-ILL system. If your library is not, please contact us from this form.


Please see “Reference Service” for details. However, we may not assist you for some reasons (When it takes too much time and effort, it doesn’t matter survey and research, etc.).
You can check the holdings and locations of the materials on OPAC .

Contact us

Please ask your question at this page.


Please check here for more information about donation.
Donation of Library Material

Job vacancies

Please check here for more information. (Japanese only)
Job vacancies at Kobe University
A summary of the unified exam held by national university corporations in Kinki district
A summary of the library professional exam held by national university corporations in Kinki district