Using the library

Faculty and Staff in Kobe University are welcome to use Kobe University Library.
To use the library, you need to get your library card.
You can apply for the library card at the library in charge of your department.
You will need to show the certificate of employment or some official document which show you belong to Kobe University.

You can get more information about using library materials on the following page.
Using Library Materials

Using the library services on the web

You can make an application on the web, like the following instances.

  • To get materials owned at other campus libraries
  • To reserve books on loan
  • To renew your items (1 time only)
  • To borrow books or to request photocopies from other institutions

In order to use these services, you need Login ID and password for Kobe University Integrated User Management System (KUMA) issued by Information Science and Technology Center.
If you haven’t got this account, please come to the information desk after you acquire it.
*When you have any question about this account, including how to get it, please check the following link.
About the account (Information Science and Technology Center)

Please ask staff at the information desk, if you can’t login these services though you have already got the account.

Using e-journals, e-books and databases

About using e-journals, e-books and databases, please check the following page.
You can also get information about how to use these tools off-campus.

Purchasing books and journals with research fund

You can get information about purchasing books and journals with research fund on the following page.
Purchasing Items

Donation of Library Material

You can get information about donating items to the library on the following page.
Donation of Library Material

Making your research outputs open to the public on the web

You can make your research outputs like journal articles open to the public through Kobe University Repository “Kernel”.
By using Kernel, your research output will be delivered to all over the world through various channels including KUID (Directory of Researchers in Kobe University), Cinii articles, Worldcat and search engines like Google.
You can get more information about registering outputs to Kernel on the following page.
Kobe University Repository Kernel