Getting photocopies from Domestic Libraries

Article Photocopy Request allows you to obtain photocopies of items from other libraries if they are not owned at Kobe University. You can also request the delivery of photocopied articles from other faculty libraries. This service is charged.
Table of charges for Photocopy Request


Please apply from the link below
Photocopy Request


・Please select “Express” in sending means if you want to get items soon. But it requires additional fee.
・Please specify “color copying” or “from institutions abroad”, if you need.


The applicant’s faculty library is in charge of your request.
Please receive documents at your faculty library after getting the email.
Please confirm your assigned library from here.

About contact request

The price depends on institutions. You need not confirm where to request, since the library staff decides it taking conditions into account.

  1. From other faculty libraries (Campus Libraries)
  2. From other university libraries in Japan
  3. From National Diet Library
  4. From other institutions (public library, etc)

Getting photocopies from foreign countries

If necessary, we can request foreign institutions to send photocopies using research fund.

1. GIF (Global ILL Framework) participants

GIF is a kind of consortiums for international ILL project. Kobe University can transact ILL with foreign institutions which participate in GIF.
Countries of GIF participants are:
North America, Australia, New Zealand, Korea (experimental)
GIF Participating Libraries in North America

2. The British Library

The British Library also sends documents.
The British Library
Explore the British Library

3. International Interlibrary request using IFLA Vouchers

IFLA Voucher Scheme is the payment system for international interlibrary transactions. It is available between voucher supplying libraries.
Charge for an item is 1 or 2 IFLA vouchers (1 voucher is ¥2,000).
IFLA Voucher Scheme

Table of charges for Photocopy Request

Estimated delivery time Price
Faculty libraries (inside the university) 1~2days Black & white¥20
(research fund¥12)/sheet
Other university libraries (Japan) More than 3days ¥35~80/sheet +postage
National Diet Library 1 week See their HP(Table of charges
OCLC(North America) 1 week ~ 1 month More than \2000
(varies by institutions)
KERIS(Korea) 1 week ~ 1 month Table of charges for ILL in Korea
British Library 1 week ~ 1 month ¥2300 + copyright fee