Reuse of the images of Kobe University Library Digital Archive

A part of digital images of Kobe University Library Digital Archive are freely reusable for reproduction in books, broadcasting on TV programs, and art exhibitions without any application if the conditions below are followed. Please be noticed since different conditions are applied according to each collection.

For collections not described below, please check here.

1. Images in the collections below.

Please follow the things bellow.

  • Credit the source of the material.
    e.g., “江戸買物獨案内” (Kobe University Library Sumida Maritime Materials Collection)
  • Indicate so if you add any change to digitized images

These images are not protected by The Copyright Act, and also the original material holders and data providers permitted that these images are reused without any application.

2. Images with CC licenses applied by copyright holders.

Please follow the rules of each license.
Please credit the source of the material.
e.g., “Around Check-out counter (2nd floor) Double-stack periodical shelves fell down ” (Photographed by Kobe University Libraries, Kobe University Library Earthquake Disaster Materials Collection)

Terms of Use

  • Please download the images in the digital collection for reuse. If you need high resolution images, please notice us.
  • In the case of the use that is recognized not to violate copyright law, the application is not required as well.
  • If you would like to tell us your use case of our digital archive, please use the contact form for our future operations.
  • The rare materials cannot be used except for academic research purpose. Please notice the branch library which holds the material if you wish to use it.


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