Reuse of the images of Kobe University Library Digital Archive (application procedures)

Please make an application to reuse the contents of Kobe University Library Digital Archive. They are reusable only for the survey, research, education and learning purpose.

For collections reusable without application, please check here.


Please download the application sheet and e-mail/fax to us. The Web form is also available.
Kobe University Library Digital Library Section

Application web form


Fax: +81-78-803-7336
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Application Sheet(WordPDF)

It takes about a week to answer to the application. We issue a permission document when permitted. We require no fee. For the images whose copyright is not held by Kobe University Library, we try to contact the copyright holders. (It might take some time to contact them. And permission document is not issued in that condition.)

Terms of Use

Please follow the rules below to reuse the contents when permitted.

  1. Reuse only for the purposed applied.
  2. Do not give the images to others.
  3. Do not add changes of subjects or content of the materials.
  4. Credit the source of the material.
  5. Please send us a copy of the works produced by the reuse of the contents.


  • Please download the images in the digital collection for reuse. If you need high resolution images, please notice us.
  • In the case of the use that is recognized not to violate copyright law, the application is not required.
  • The original rare materials cannot be used except for academic research purpose. Please notice the branch library which holds the material if you wish to use it.


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