Special collections

Newspaper Article

“Newspaper Article” is the newspaper-clippings data from the end of Meiji(about 1912) to Showa 45(1970). It was created by Research Institute for Economics and Business Administration, and is called “newspaper-clippings library”. scrapbooks hard collected over 60 years or more has a huge quantity of about 500,000 affairs, if it is made into about 3200 volumes and the number of reports.

Newspaper Clippings Collection

In Kobe University Library, an understanding and cooperation of a research institute were obtained, digitization was tackled from 1999, and it became progress of general public presentation from June 30, 2000.


Latin America Collection

Collection of Latin America started by donated books from Mr. Hachiro Fukuhara*1 and Mr. Ryoji Noda*2 in 1938 at Jan.
After that, we have collected and it is rated as the largest collection in Japan in the humanities and social science.

*1: 福原八郎, He was an establisher of the Nanbei Takushoku Kabushiki Gaisha (South America Colonization Company Lemited)
*2: 野田良治, He was a political counsellor of the embassy of Rio de Janeiro

America Collection

These are about 11,000 books donated by Osaka America Center.
These are located at Integrated Center for Corporate Archives.
If you’d like to use these, please contact us in advance or use Campus Delivery Service.

Oceania Collection

These are about 3,500 books donated by Australian Government.