Renovation Period
Temporary Counter / Books & Journals Corner
Restrictions on the Use of Materials
About Renovation Plan

Renovation Period


Temporary Counter / Books & Journals Corner →Floor Map[JPN]

Temporary Counter & Journals Corner in the Library for Humanities

Temporary Counter
Near the information counter (former rare book reading room)

・Acceptance and receipt of materials purchased with research fund
・Receipt of copies or books ordered from other institutions[*]
・Receipt of student purchase request books[*]
*These can be picked up at the information counter of Library for Humanities

Temporary Journals Corner
・New arrival journals (31 titles)
・Newspapers (The Science News , The Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun, Japan Agricultural News)
・ Reference books

Temporary Books & Journals Corner in the Library for Social Sciences

Browsing Room at the 1F of Frontier Building

Relocation Materials
・About 20,000 books
・New arrival journals (91 titles)

Restrictions on the Use of Materials

Materials that are not subject to relocation (books and journals in the stack) cannot be used during the renovation.
We accept free copy requests for articles published in those journals. Click here for details. → “About free copy request”[JPN]

Renovation Plan of Library for Science & Technology


The purpose of renewal is renovating the aging building, and expanding for increasing capacity of materials and the development of active learning spaces such as Learning Commons.

About Renovation Plan (as of February 2022)

* Subject to change as the plan progresses.

Information Counter
New Arrival Journals Corner

Browsing Room

Learning Commons
Silent Space

Research Commons