Information for Study at Home (for Students & Researchers)

Kobe University Library subscribes many e-resources, and you can use them from off-campus by using the GakuNin or VPN Connection Service. In addition, many content providers are currently providing free, alternative or wider access to certain e-resources.
The following information shows how to use these services for your study at home.

Search for e-Books / e-Journals

I. Search on OPAC

You can search for e-resources that Kobe University Library subscribes by using OPAC .

How to Search
Select “Advanced” search and tick “E-Book” and “E-Journal” boxes in “Document Type” menu.
※ VPN connection service is necessary to access e-resources.
※ OPAC can search for e-books and e-journals but articles.

II. Search on Google Scholar

You can also search for e-resources by Google Scholar. By using this service, you can search for a lot of e-resources, however, some on-campus limited resources do not hit.

How to Search
Search from the search box on top page or “Advanced search” in the menu. You may search on each publisher’s website to search for articles that opened to public for a limited time.
※ You can download on-campus limited articles to connect VPN.

Research Support Contents

Kobe University Library provides the list of databases and self-study resources.