Year Event
1902(M.35) Kobe Higher Commercial School opened.
1903(M.36) The Kobe Higher Commercial School Library opened (the Library Division was established in 1903, and night time opening hours began in 1907).
1921(T.10) Kobe Higher Technical School opened (the Library Division was also established).
1933(S.8) The Library for Social Sciences’ Main Building was completed.
1949(S.24) Kobe University was established under the new system.
4 branch libraries were opened: Rokkodai, Sumiyoshi, Nagata and Himeji.
1964(S.39) The library system was reorganized into the Central Library and 6 branch libraries (Rokkodai branch, Faculty of Letters, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Engineering and Liberal Arts Division).
1965(S.40) Kobe Medical College merged with Kobe University.
1969(S.44) Hyogo Prefectural University of Agriculture merged with Kobe University.
1981(S.56) The administrative building of Library for Social Sciences was built.
1984(S.59) The Library for Science and Technology was built.
1986(S.61) Designated as a National Center for Overseas Periodicals by the Ministry of Education, Science, Sports and Culture.
1989(H.1) The Online Catalog (OPAC) began to be provided.
1995(H.7) After the occurrence of the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake, a collection of materials on the disaster was installed.
The Library website was formally started.
1996(H.8) A new building for the Library for Medical Sciences was built and the Library for Human Development Sciences was renovated.
1997(H.9) The web version of the Online Catalog (OPAC) was set up.
Kobe University merged with the School of Allied Medical Sciences and the Library for Health Sciences was established.
2002(H.14) Joining the Japan National University Library Consortia, the e-journal providing service started in earnest.
2003(H.15) Kobe University merged with Kobe University of Mercantile Marine and the Library for Maritime Sciences was established.
The Library for Social Science was designated a Registered Tangible Cultural Property (structure) by the Japanese government.
2004(H.16) The General Library was established.
Kobe University became a National University Corporation and the Library reorganized its offices.
2006(H.18) The Kobe University Repository “Kernel” was set up.
2007(H.19) A MOU was concluded with Korea Maritime and Ocean University Library.
2010(H.22) The Kobe University Archives were installed.
The Digital Archive Project won an IRI “Library of the Year 2010” award of excellence.
2013(H.25) The Library for Social Sciences was renovated.
2015(H.27) Learning Commons (Tsurukabuto 1st Campus) opened.