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General Library/Library for Intercultural Studies

User Guide (English) [PDF: 817KB]
図書館の使い方(やさしいにほんご) [PDF: 857KB]

Library for Social Sciences

User Guide [PDF: 261KB]
How to search for Books in Library for Social Sciences[pdf: 488KB]
How to search for Journals in Library for Social Sciences[pdf: 476KB]

Library for Science and Technology

User Guide [PDF: 664KB]

Library for Humanities

User Guide (English) [PDF: 530KB]
図書館の使い方(やさしいにほんご) [PDF: 531KB]

Library for Human Development Sciences

User Guide [PDF: 1.1MB]

Library of Research Institute for Economics & Business Administration

User Guide [PDF: 1.4MB]

Library for Medical Sciences

User Guide [JPN] [PDF: 394KB]

Library for Health Sciences

User Guide [JPN] [PDF: 1.7MB]

Library for Maritime Sciences

User Guide [JPN] [PDF: 1.1MB]