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Information for foreign institutions

Interlibrary services

It is available for foreign institutions to make document delivery requests for our collection. Please confirm our OPAC or CiNii Books before you order.

Global ILL Framework (GIF) Participants

Kobe University Library is a participant of GIF Project. Our OCLC symbol is YJ$. The participants in North America or Korea can make requests via OCLC or KERIS.

Only the participants in North America can make requests of interlibrary loan. Loan period is 6 weeks. Items will be sent via EMS.

Other institutions

Institutions except of GIF participants can make the document delivery requests by emailing to next address.

The payment is accepted only by IFLA voucher. Interlibrary loan is only for GIF participants in North America.


Charges are vary with payment method.
Method Photocopies Loan
OCLC-IFM 300 JPY per order & 35 JPY per sheet & Postage 300 JPY per order & Postage
KERIS-NII FM 35 JPY per sheet & Postage N/A
IFLA Voucher Monochrome: 1 full voucher for up to 15 pages, 1 half voucher for each additional 15 pages
Full color: 1 full voucher for up to 7 pages, 1 half voucher for each additional 7 pages