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Article Photocopy Request

You can obtain photocopies of items from other libraries if they are not available in Kobe University Libraries. You can also request the delivery of photocopied articles from other Kobe University libraries. This service will be subject to a fee.

Please see "Copy Charges & Priority Order" for more details.

 *You can also apply or confirm ILL Requests in MyLibrary.

Use the above link to submit the application form above links. You need the login ID and password provided by Kobe University Information Science & Technology Center.

Notice before ordering

Select the shipping methods, color of copy, and delivery from overseas. Check Notice for Document Delivery below for details.

Copy Charges & Priority Order

We will request the photocopies of materials to other libraries in the order of priority. (See below). Kobe University Libraries staff will determine which library to obtain from depending on conditions.

  1. Kobe University Libraries
    Black-and-white copy ¥12/sheet (research grant), ¥20/sheet (private expense)
    Color copy ¥60/sheet
  2. NACSIS-ILL libraries (universities or institutions)
    Black-and-white copy ¥35〜50/sheet + postage
    Color copy charge varies from library to library.
    Some libraries also require a handling charge (¥100〜300).
  3. National Diet Library
    Black-and-white copy ¥24/sheet (color copy ¥210/sheet ) + postage + packaging fee ¥150 + tax
    It takes around 2 weeks to receive the item.

    ※Please remit the charges by yourself if you request the document delivery at private expense. Remittance charges should be borne by users.
  4. Other institutions in Japan

  5. The following institutions are operated by public funds. If your request is an InterLibrary Loan, please include fees for return postage.
  6. British Library
    Copy ¥1,800/item, loan approx.¥3,000/item
    Delivery takes from 1 week to 1 month.
    BLDSC copy service (Maruzen)
  7. GIF (Global ILL Framework) libraries in North America
    Copy ¥3,000〜4,000/item
    Delivery requires from 1 week to 1 month.
    NCC Libraries
    *Same type of system is planned for Korean libraries too.
  8. Other Libraries abroad
    We can obtain materials from other libraries beside the libraries listed above.
    Charge for an item is 1 or 2 IFLA vouchers (1 voucher is ¥2,000).
    IFLA Voucher Scheme Participating Libraries

Notice for Document Delivery

Documents will be delivered as a scanned data or PDF files.No shipping fee is required, but the quality may be lower than the actual copy. Some materials are not allowed to be sent as DDS due to Copyright Law.
Please understand that we can only provide you the printouts not PDF files.
You can check available DDS items from the following sites. ・JAACC  ・JCOPY
Same procedure as DDS applies here. We cannot provide you the PDF files by email. Please select “DDS” for delivery.
Fax service requires a separate fee for every page copied and sent.
Express service requires additional postal express fee.