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A Library card must be presented for check-out. Please check "Library Card" for details.


Check out
To check a book out, please bring your Library Card and the materials to the circulation counter.
You may also use the Automatic Book Circulation if you have a magnetic Student ID or a magnetic Library Card.
Please return the checked out items to the circulation counter.You can return the books at any of our libraries except Research Institute for Economics & Business Administration(RIEB) Library.
If you return books to bookshelves or other places, these actions do not qualify as returned. In some cases you may not be able to borrow another item again so please be careful.
Book Post (Book Drop)
If the library is closed, please drop the books into the “Book Post” (book drop) located at the entrance.

Circulation Policy

Lending Terms for undergraduate/graduate students as indicated below:

General Library, Lib. for Intercultural Studies6 books / 2 weeks20 books / 1 month
Lib. for Social Sciences6 books / 2 weeks20 books / 2 months (Book Stack)
6 books / 2 weeks (Browsing Room)
Lib. for Science & Technology6 books / 2 weeks6 books / 2 weeks
Lib. for Humanities6 books / 2 weeks20 books / 1 month
Lib. for Human Development Sciences6 books / 2 weeks20 books / 1 month (Book Stack)
20 books / 2 weeks (Browsing Room)
Lib. for Medical Sciences6 books / 2 weeks6 books / 2 weeks
Lib. for Health Sciences6 books / 2 weeks6 books / 2 weeks
Lib. for Maritime Sciences10 books / 2 weeks
(senior : 1month)
20 books / 1 month
Lib. of RIEB5 books / 2 weeks10 books / 1 month

Please check each library's website for more details on the terms for borrowing magazines and terms for faculty members.

Lending period may be changed during the holidays. Notice will be placed on the library website.


Book loans can be renewed before the due date if it has not been reserved by another user. Please present the items to the library counter. You can renew through the Automatic Book Circulation or online.
Please be notified that you cannot make renewals if you have any overdue book.


  1. Please return the books by the due date.
  2. If you have overdue books, you cannot borrow other items from any of our libraries.
  3. If an item is damaged or lost, you will be asked to replace it by purchasing the same item.

Delivery Request/Reservation

You can order or reserve an item through

 ※Click the "Reserve" icon displayed on search result in OPAC/myOPAC.

If the requested item is checked out, your request will be "reserved" automatically. If you request to receive the item at another library, it will automatically be placed on "delivery". The item placed on "delivery" will be delivered from the library that can send it to you first.

You will be informed by email when the requested item is ready. The item must be checked out from the library, which you selected when reserving, within the holding period (7 days).

Please note the followings when you apply for "Delivery Request/Reservation".

  • "Delivery Request/Reservation" service cannot be used when the item is already available in the selected library for check out.
  • Items stored in the Library of RIEB and the Integrated Center for Corporate Archives are not available for "Delivery Request"service.
  • Please ask the librarian at the counter if you wish to reserve a particular item.
  • Please ask the library desk if you want to use the laboratory materials.

Check Status of Loan/Reservation

Online services are available to check the due date of the books or reservation status. You can also cancel the reservation or renew the borrowing period online.

Check Status of Loan/Reservation

 *It is also available in MyLibrary.

Materials at Laboratory

Items on located in “laboratory” are the books belong to faculty, and not allowed to be borrowed normally.
Please ask the person at the circulation desk if you wish to browse through them. OPAC does not tell you where the items are located. However, you can use the first two digits of the book's barcode number to find the location. Please use the list below for reference.

First 2 digits of barcode no. Library
01Lib. for Social Sciences
02Lib. for Humanities
03Lib. for Science & Technology
04Lib. for Human Development Sciences
05Lib. for Medical Sciences
06General Library, Lib. for Intercultural Studies
07Lib. for Health Sciences
08Lib. for RIEB
09Integrated Center for Corporate Archives
10Lib. for Maritime Sciences