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Library Locations

Map of Libraries

No.LibrariesBus RouteNear Bus StopCampus Map
General Library
Library for Intercultural Studies
Library for Social Sciences36Rokkodai
Library for Science and Technology36Sindai-Honbu-Kogakubu-Mae
Library for Humanities36Sindai-Bunrinogakubu-Mae
Library for Human Development Sciences36Shindai-Hattatsu-Kagakubu-Mae
Library of Research Institute for Economics & Business Administration36Rokkodai
Kobe University Archives36Shindai-Bunrinogakubu-Mae
Library for Medical Sciences9Daigaku-Byoin-Mae
Library for Health Sciences78Tomogaoka-Chugakko-Mae
Library for Maritime Sciences43Sindai-Kaijikagakubu-Mae