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Library Guide

Opening Hours/Access

Kobe University Libraries consist of 9 libraries located at 4 campuses (Rokkodai, Kusunoki, Myodani, and Fukae). Opening hours and days vary according to each library. Please check the links below and each library's websitefrom the Menu bar on the left.

Opening Hours / Closed Days Library Locations

Library Card

A Library Card is required to use the library.

  1. Undergraduate and graduate students can use their magnetic student ID as a Library Card.
  2. Other Kobe University members (research students, faculty, staff, etc.) need to apply for a Library Card. Present a photo ID to the library desk related to the department which you belong to. Check the links below to find out about the relations between libraries and departments.


All University members are free to use any of the libraries.

However, a Library Card is required to enter the following libraries:

  • General Library & Lib. for Intercultural Studies
  • Lib. for Science & Technology
  • Lib. for Human Development Sciences
  • Lib. for Medical Sciences
  • Lib. for Maritime Sciences

Feel free to browse through books in the open-stack reading rooms. To use the materials at closed stacks, some submissions may be required. No baggage is allowed to bring into the closed stacks.

Please ask the circulation desk for help if you come in a wheelchair.


Please check the "Borrowing page" for details.


Photocopying of library materials is permitted within the legal limits of Copyright Law. A part of the material can be copied per person for research purpose only.
Please submit the application form for photocopying.

Private Expense (per sheet)
※Same price applies to microfilm reader printing & e-journals printing for people on private expenses.
※There are copy machines that take coins or prepaid copy cards (¥ 10 per sheet).

Research Grant (per sheet)

Photocopying by research grants is also available. Please ask the librarian at the desk for details.


Computers and network connection ports to connect your computer to are available in the libraries. Please check Using a Computer Japanese for details.

Presentation Hall & Group Study Rooms

Group Study Rooms
You can use the Study Rooms for studying in a group. Please ask the person at the circulation desk for details.
Presentation Hall
Presentation Hall, located in the Library for Social Sciences, is available for lecture meetings, colloquia, and academic conferences. Please check "Using Presentation Hall" Japanese for more details.

Reference Services

Reference Services can advice and assist you on the following matters.

  • How to find materials or how to use each material
  • What materials are available for a certain theme
  • Where materials are located
  • How to use the databases or OPAC search devices

Feel free to ask the people at the circulation desk if you need help with how to use the library.

We also provide instructions for finding materials on our website.
And we offer some guided tours, sometimes for individuals. Look at the links below.

Find Materials Japanese
Research Guides by Subject Japanese

For Visitors

Please check Information for Visitors Japanese for details.

Library Rules

  • The gate will lock if you try to take any of the library materials out without going through the proper channel.
  • Please refrain from talking.
  • Please set your mobile phone to silent mode.
  • Smoking and eating are prohibited in the library. Drinking is permitted if drinks are brought in in screw-top bottles.
  • Please keep valuables. We do not take responsibility for lost or stolen items.
  • Do not leave your personal belongings or library books unattended on the desk.
  • Handle all library materials carefully. Do not write or draw on the books.
    If an item is damaged or lost, you will be ask to replace it by purchasing the same item.


You can download the PDF file of Kobe University Library leaflet. Leaflets are also available at library desks.